Cangzhou Bohai New City CBD
Current First Place in The Competition
Time 2017
Location Cangzhou,Hebei
Area 390,000m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Rui Li, Mingming Cao, Jinliu Chen, Fei Liu, Pengfei Zhou

The base is close to Huanghua port, which is an important regional port. There are many residential areas surrounded, while lacking centralized commerce and office. This project will build a large-scale urban complex that focuses on assisting the port and radiating various industries in the surrounding area, as a regional landmark, and enhances regional vitality.

The "one belt, one road" starting from Huanghua port has become the design concept of this project. The buildings are like two ribbons circling up, joining, gathering, developing and rising from the ground. The design extends the real axis of the square on the south side of the base and the virtual axis in the east-west direction, so that the sign tower is arranged at the intersection of the two axes, forming the visual focus. The overall spatial layout is centered on the sunken plaza, the core of Bohai, with a relatively open north-south interface to form a series of open spaces and a continuous east-west architectural interface for exhibition and commerce.