Current Project
Time 2019
Location Chongqing
Area 5,250m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Fei Liu, Rui Li, Pengfei Zhou, Mingming Cao, Ning Wang, JIng Yuan, Xialan Xiong

Changshou Lake Hotel is located on the east bank of Changshou Lake Scenic Area in Chongqing, surrounded by mountains and rivers and facing the endless lake view.The architects retains the yellow quake tree as a scenic spot, transforms the ruined structure on the southwest side into an outdoor swimming pool, and recycles building demolition materials to make the hotel more local and rustic. Based on the landform and the lake view, the hotel was designed with a terrace solution, and opened to form the inner courtyard to introduce light and wind, which not only gains a better fit with the site’s topography, but alos riches lighting effects and lake view area.

Combined with the use of functional space, a series of surprise spaces are created, making the hotel inhabitable and funny, in order to make tourists feel like entering a modern garden full of humanistic feelings.