Nanjing High-tech Covention
Current Constructed in 2016
Time 2013
Location Nanjing
Area 53,000m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Zhen Ye, Sean Philps, Feng Lu, Xiao Zhang, Ke Chen, Shangkun Mo

The site is triangular, located at the foot of Mountain Longwang in Nanjing Medical Valley Park. This design defines the complex as the“connector” between the various urban spaces in the Medical Valley, and serves it as the starting point for the entire design.we introduced a large-scale structure “connection” with the southern civic square to form a magnificent urban-scale covered open space, which makes a very strong sense of place. The design layouts the exhibition hall on the east side,and forms a reverse curve of the roof to echo the Mountain Longwang’s stretched skyline. The northwest side of the triangular site is located with office tower and service circulation required for exhibitions and offices. The design breaks down the volume, which not only reduces the building scale, but also coordinates with other office buildings on the opposite side of the site.

*Collaborate with Futurepolis