Taiyuan Fenjiu Headquarter
Current Under Construction
Time 2012-2014
Location Taiyuan,Shanxi
Area 600,000m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Xiao Zhang, Pengfei Zhou, Shangkun Mo, Jason Slatinsky, Gina Robinson, Daniel

The design inspiration is the concept of "Originating from Fenjiu". The interior square, Xinghuacun Square, serves as a symbol of the origin of the Fenjiu culture, combined with the display of Fenjiu culture, to be designed into a sunken cultural square. The form of the theme building is like a meandering spring water flowing from the origin, forming several parts necessary for its function. The facade design of the building also takes the river as the inspiration, further emphasizing the concept of "Originating from Fenjiu" through the simple and changeable skin design.

*Collaborate with Futurepolis