Wuxi Gezhi Intel' Kindergarten
Current Under Construction
Time 2019-2020
Location WUXI
Area 16,600m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Liu Fei, Rui Li, Pengfei Zhou, Mingming Cao, Ning Wang, Lijun Zhang, Shu Zhang, Nan Sun

The kindergarten is located in Binhu District, Wuxi. The site is triangular: the north and west sides are adjacent to the urban road, and the southeast parallel to the river. The design get inspiration from children’s favorite origami airplane games to create a dynamic and light architectural shape. Wanshun Road on the west side is an urban secondary arterial road, connected to the base in a wide range, which is suitable for setting up main entrances and exits. Public areas are placed on the west side to form a continuous and complete interface along the street.On the southeast side with sufficient sunshine, an enclosed teaching unit is set up to achieve internal activities.

Considering children's psychological characteristics and the relationship between the venue, we have created a path full of characteristics and interest, and a safe children's activity system of "three-dimension, circuit, complex", combined with internal and external venues, to stimulate children's enthusiasm for discovery and exploration. The three-dimensional composite corridor platform and semi-open courtyard create a game paradise. The shared lobby space on the three floors and the interesting circular movement not only satisfies the extracurricular game life, but also promotes communication between children. The roof activity space provides a nearby happy place for children on the second and third floor. The southeast inner courtyard along the river, which full of sunshine, allowing children to enjoy the sun and get close to nature.