Taian Ningyang Lvjing Mall
Current Under Construction
Time 2016-2017
Location Ningyang,Taian
Area 151,000m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Pengfei Zhou, Feng Lu, Ting Wang, Miao He

The base is affected by two major factors. One is the forces representing Ningyang’s traditional cultural characteristics from the old city, while the other is the forces representing nature from the eastern city park. They gather in the base, and interact to call for the generation of new architectural forms.

We extract the sloping roof that reflects the characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture best as a cultural carrier to make the roof form unified, undulating, and rich in layers. On this basis, as a response to the eastern natural environment,e.g. the Fusheng Park, we open the roof space to form the roof garden by making the greenery three-dimensional. The south side is adjacent to the urban landscape river and is connected to the old city. The continuous and changeable interface is designed to form a complete waterfront slow-motility system and enrich the space experience.

*Collaborate with Futurepolis