Chongqing Shizishan School
Current Constructed in 2020
Time 2013-2015
Location Chongqing
Area 67,900m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Xiao Zhang, Feng Lu, Pengfei Zhou, Shangkun Mo, Liu Fei, Jiajing Xie, Mou Lv, Zhongfang Wang

Considering the topography of Chongqing, the sports field is placed in a relatively flat area on the east side, while the buildings are set on the place with plenty of sunshine to form an enclosed garden space and an open square space.

In principle, the middle school campus is close to the residential buildings, which makes it more independent and enclosed. We sets squares and steps to respond to the social demands of middle school students. While the primary school campus is a little far away from the residential areas to integrate the architecture and landscape, which emphasizes the naturalness of schoolchildren. Additionally, the guidance of linear space and the juxtaposition of the courtyards emphasize the sense of belonging.

*Collaborate with Futurepolis