Shudu Cultural and Art Center
Current Project
Time 2015-2016
Location Chongqing
Area 14,000m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Pengfei Zhou, Fei Liu

We created an introverted spatial pattern and a terrace-backwards architectural form to separate from the noisy environment and integrate with the surrounding topography and architectures. A semi outdoor inner courtyard space is created in the interior, where activity platform is created, making the architecture into a community gathering place with affinity. The main entrance on the west side opens to the crowded community, and the large steps at the entrance is obviously guiding, while the secondary entrance with relatively small scale in the north provides a sense of spatial hierarchy when entering the center.

Based on the architectural features of Chongqing , which are built on the hillsides, scattered and layered, as facade elements. Based on it, triangular windows are used to meet the requirements of shading and wind protection by changing the area ratio of glass and solid wall on each side. At the top of the building, a iconic circular massing is set to highlight the sense of volume, which forms a contrast with the affinity brick massing at the bottom.

*Collaborate with Futurepolis