Wuxi Yangjian Town Jiezhou Village Tea House
Current Constructed in 2021
Time 2018
Location WUXI
Area 120m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Mingming Cao, Xinyuan Zhang, Jianan Xu

The tea house in Jiezhou Village is a small project. Its size is less than 200 square meters and is located in the center of the old Jiezhou Village. We will demolish a run-down building in the original site and reuse the demolished building's materials to build a wall, which not only conforms to the texture of the whole village, but also defines the entrance space of the building, and separates the service space and the public space. The service space faces the inner courtyard, with a bar counter and toilet, and the public space faces the direction along the river.

This wall celebrates the circulation space and also keeps the historical memory. At this point, it forms a conversion from the dynamic to static, from present to past.