Tongxiang Youth Activity Center
Current Project
Time 2018
Area 16,120m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Rui Li, Mingming Cao, Pengfei Zhou, Beiling Chen, Lijun Zhang, Yihong Zheng, Ting Kang

This design aims to explore a new model of extracurricular education for youth and children in China. This design with the "future learning paradise" as the overall concept, proposes the "Expanded Circulation Space" as the space carrier of the new educational model. It is a catalyst to realize the future vision of extracurricular education center.

The circulation space represented by the foyer, the atrium, and the corridor has become the protagonist of the entire activity center. We designed a grand wooden ramp as the main character of the space,combined with steps, staircases and corridor, which connects each space in series on a staggered path. The atrium is a tall space filled with natural light, which visually connects the urban context, the streets and the main entrance become the vitality of the activity center. Our wooden ramp passes through the atrium, just like a sky pathway through a cave of a mountain.