Current Project
Time 2021
Location Wujiang,Suzhou
Area 57,500m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Ning Wang, Jiaqi Yin, Hui Peng, Linjie Fei, Ye Wang, Qinlan Yu, Jianhua Xu

The base is located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, adjacent to Luxiang River on the north side and subway line on the south side. The roads on the east and west sides are the main roads of the city. The project has good traffic location conditions and has the addition of river landscape.

Starting from the concept of a miniature city, the design team hopes to integrate the functions of teaching space, auxiliary space, activity space and social space into a whole by reorganizing the functional space. The intention is to create a vibrant campus with rich spatial levels based on the natural environment, and to complete the exploration of educational architectural design strategies in the new era.