Wuzhen Electrical Factory Renovation
Current Constructed in 2019
Time 2019
Area 10,100m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Rui Li, Mingming Cao, Ning Wang, Weiyao Sun, Yunfan Chen, Qiwen Lu, Ying Wang

The project site was the old workshop of Tongxiang Seagull Electrical Factory formerly. As the representative of local industrial buildings, many tall trees and some typical architectural styles of the specific period are remained.

We define the transformed Park as an urban open space. Dismantle the fence and turn the abandoned space behind it into an open public square, making the relationship between the park and the city closer. The large trees distributed freely in the entrance square are all preserved, and combined with their positions to generate landscapes.

The strategy of building reconstruction aims to establish a new dialectical relationship between the new and old buildings: the old buildings are rejuvenated behind the package of the new buildings, and grow from the new ones.The facade material is chosen light gray matte aluminum plate, which sets off the original color of the old buildings with a friendly attitude. Also, the particularity of the material makes the delicate dialogue between the new and old buildings, between the buildings and the landscape in the changing light constantly.