Current Under Construction
Time 2018
Location Xishui,Guizhou
Area 34,300m2
Design Team Gang Wang, Xiao Liang, Sen Lin, Qiming Shen, Rui Li, Pengfei Zhou, Mingming Cao

The site is located on the hillside on the north shore of the Chishui River in Xishui, Guizhou, surrounded by moutains and rivers. Regional and cultural elements are applied in the design: the towering and majestic building represents the mountain, while the imagery of water is used as a mountain stream to form a facade, which penetrates the space, and forms waterscapes along the mountain, as if connecting the distant Chishui River.

The shape of hotel was taken from the local ancient totem "Xi Fish". The tower is like the spine of it, and the podium takes on the wings. The changes of the building’s shape and short walls with different angles make the facade present variable effects, like the layered scales of "Xi Fish" from far view, which passes on the ancient culture.